Amazing Cardboard Box Storage Ideas video
Amazing Cardboard Box Storage Ideas
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Norrine Burke is the owner of Call Clutter Fairy home organizing in California. She also runs the YouTube channel, The Crafty Organizer, where she shares her passion for all things Organizing, Decluttering, Upcycling, and Crafting! One of the first DIY craft projects Norrine made was a telephone from dixie cups, toilet paper tubes, and a tissue box…. She was 7! This type... Full bio »

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Organize with style! In this episode, Amazing Cardboard Box Storage Ideas, you'll learn how to turn ordinary cardboard boxes into fashionable and functional storage bins.

In this Uncluttered Crafter online video class tutorial brought to you by Annie’s Creative Studio, home decor expert Norrine Burke demonstrates how to upcycle ordinary cardboard boxes and turn them into useful and even decorative storage units in your home.

In this online video class, you’ll learn how to:
  • Use spray paint to glam up an ordinary cardboard box.
  • Cover boxes with colorful gift wrap paper.
  • Use wooden shims from a hardware store to give a sturdier finish to your boxes.
  • Add cute decorative labels to your revamped boxes.