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Knitting Guide

How to Cast OnDividerHow to Knit

How to PurlDividerHow to Bind Off

How to IncreaseDividerHow to Decrease

How to Knit in the RoundDividerHow to Weave, Graft and Sew in Knitting

Specialized Knitting TechniquesDividerBlocking Basics

Tips & TechniquesDividerKnit Stitch Guide
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Whether you are picking up yarn and knitting needles for the first time or entering another decade of knitting, we hope you will find this stitch guide a useful resource. With our easy step-by-step picture guide you can learn all the basics of knitting: casting-on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and binding off. Youíll also discover useful techniques such as: knitting in-the-round, increasing, decreasing and some handy seaming methods.

To get started knitting, all you need is some yarn, needles, scissors and a tapestry needle. As you progress, you can equip your knitting toolbox with row counters, stitch holders, tape measures, cable needles, stitch markers and much more.

Now that you have yarn and needles ready to go, letís get started! Find a comfortable place with good light and read through the steps before you start. As with any new skill, learning to knit requires both patience and perseverance. Remember, you should have fun with your knitting. If you get stuck, take a deep breath, take a break but keep at it!

As you discover the world of yarn choices, you can work with natural or man made fibers from lace-weight to super-bulky yarns in all the colors of the rainbow.

Needles come in a variety of sizes and materials too such as plastic, wood, bamboo and metal. If you are just beginning, pick your yarn and use the needles recommended on the yarnís label. As you become a more experienced knitter you will learn how to work with needle size and gauge to reach the stitch count called for in the pattern. Knitting can give you a life full of pleasure and relaxation. An afternoon sitting in the doctorís waiting room is now an opportunity to create.

You can make handmade items for yourself and people you love. When you give a knitted gift, your time, talent, even the thoughts and feelings you have as your knit are now part of your gift. Just as every journey begins with a single step, every knitter beings with a single stitch.

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