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Shades Quilt Kit

Stunningly graduated fabric pops in this kit!

A beautiful new sampler quilt kit! This fabulous new quilt kit gives a new meaning to fun and exciting! Featuring graduated fabric that slowly changes from one color to the next, the proper placement and quilting of each piece results in something truly extraordinary! Kit includes all the...

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My Pals Place Mat Sewing Pattern Butterflies Quilt Magic Kit Welcome to Alphabet Zoo Quilt Pattern
My Pals Place Mat Sewing Pattern
Adorable place mats for kids! This great pattern is filled with whimsy and charm! Use these mats...
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Butterflies Quilt Magic Kit
A quick and easy design that’s a delight to make! This simple-to-make design is perfect to hang...
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Welcome to Alphabet Zoo Quilt Pattern
Quilt a zoo of letters and fun animals! This adorable quilt pattern is perfect for hanging in a...
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Use Quilt Patterns to Create Timeless Home Decor

Quilts liven up your home, adding a traditional feel in colors and patterns to match your décor. Browse Annie's extensive library of quilt patterns to download quilting books and other resources to find a beautiful quilt you can make.

Quilt Patterns and Quilting Supplies

To create a well-crafted quilt, a good pattern provides a strong starting place. Whether you want to create an eclectic mix of squares or a quilt that follows a clear motif, quilting patterns from Annie's can help you bring your vision to life. Annie's carries patterns for many types of quilts and quilted projects, from bed quilt patterns to baby quilt patterns and quilted kitchen items. Once you find the quilt pattern you want, you can order your quilting supplies from Annie's, too. In one stop you'll be ready to start on a quilt you'll cherish.

For many quilts, it's fun to personalize the pattern with your own colors and fabrics, but you may also enjoy creating a quilt from one of our quilting kits, which includes patterns and fabrics for creating a coordinated quilt. For a more eclectic quilt, our quilt-as-you-go patterns can help keep you organized for the fast-paced quilting style.

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