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Use Applique Quilt Patterns to Add Decorative Warmth

Appliques add a fun finishing touch to your quilting projects. When you applique flowers, animals, or other designs on your lap quilts, you add visual appeal in a classic style. Applique patterns show you how to pick up this must-know quilting skill and add appliqued images to plenty of quilt styles.

Applique Quilt Patterns and Project Ideas

An applique can be used as a finishing touch on a project, adding a little detail to a border or edge. Or you can use an applique pattern to create a prominent image or motif at the center or over the whole surface of your quilt. Appliques are a wonderful option for creating a unique quilting project for your home. Make an appliqued wall hanging quilt for your living room or use our kitchen applique quilting patterns for table runners, placemats, and other homey pieces.

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