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Quilt Sticks™
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Technique - Quilt

If you do a lot of strip cutting for quilting, binding, sashing and more, you'll love Quilt Sticks™!

Quilt Sticks are innovative, measuring and cutting tools that will give you a perfect cut for your strip-fabric pieces every time. The tops have a smooth surface, so fabric won't pull or snag against it. A special backing keeps the Quilt Sticks from slipping. All Quilt Sticks are color-coded by widths in a wide variety of handy increments. Choose between 1 1/2" to 5" widths. Each Quilt Stick measures 23 3/4" in length.

Please note, Quilt Sticks do not contain measurement markings and are made out of pressed wood (to keep them from sliding on your fabric). No air shipments.

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Quilt Sticks™ - 1 1/2"$8.99
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Quilt Sticks&trrade; Starter Kit$58.99
Quilt Sticks&trrade; Starter Kit
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Quilt Sticks™- 2''$8.99
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Quilt Sticks™ - 2 1/4"$8.99
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Quilt Sticks™ - 2 1/2"$8.99
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Quilt Sticks™ - 3"$8.99
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Quilt Sticks™ - 3 1/2"$8.99
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Quilt Sticks™ - 5"$8.99
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Customer Reviews for Quilt Sticks™:

Average Rating:
3.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 6 customers.)

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August 23, 2014
Corrine H
These are fabulous. I bought all at once and do not regret the purchase. They adhere to the fabric and a beautiful accurate cut is created.
July 9, 2014
Harriett J
I bought these in five sizes and I am going to purchase the remaining sizes. They are terrific. One of the best quilting tools I own. They allow me to cut strips for bindings and piecework that are always the right width. I much prefer the masonite material because it doesn't slip like slippery plastic. I hang them with ribbons on hooks for easy access.
February 25, 2014
Jason O
I bought a 2-1/2" Quilt Stick as a gift for my wife and she LOVES IT! It does not slip or slide, unlike those acrylic rulers which are hard to read, and tend to move on the fabric when using the rotary cutter.

I'm definitely going to buy the other sizes!

For the money, nothing beats 'em.

My wife said, "I have never been able to cut strips as accurately and precisely before now. I can get to the sewing faster!"

Sidenote: We have used many products to help when using a rotary cutter, and find that these QUILT STICKS really work.
February 11, 2014
Carol D
These "sticks" are strictly for cutting strips. No measurement lines on them at all! They do work beautifully. No slipping whatsoever. I easily cut a tack of six fabrics and the "stick didn't move at all. If you are looking for a measuring stick this is not for you, if you have lots of strips all the same size to cut, get this and get busy.
January 29, 2014
Sharon C
I sure wish I had read the other review before I made the mistake and purchased this. It doesn't even have ruler markings! and the material is not quality anything. It should be plastic like the regular rotary cutting aids.

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