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Yarn FAQ

Binding Off
Invisible Increase
Make 1 in stitch below
Make 1 in loop
Mattress (Ladder)
Pick up and Knit
Short Rows/Wrap
Slip Stitch
Slip, Slip, Knit
Twisted Knit
Yarn Over


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General information: Knitting

"In through the front door, Once around the back, Peek through the window, And off jumps Jack."

Bring back memories? Many rhymes, and the stitching skills they taught, have been passed down through the years. You probably have a favorite of your own.

Though knitting basics have remained the same, today's knitters are blessed with an abundance of beautiful yarn and fiber choices like never before. Technology allows manufacturers to produce machine-spun yarn with the natural look and feel of homespun, yet the easy-care qualities of synthetics. There are specialty and novelty yarns -- even yarn with a memory!

You may be a beginning knitter learning the basic stitches or an intermediate knitter who has advanced to more difficult pattern stitches working from patterns and graphs. Perhaps you are an accomplished knitter who has mastered difficult procedures and are inspired by complex patterns. No matter what your skill level, the finish is the same -- "Knit yourself over, Invite your friend, too, Leap frog over, Lie down, Sue ...!"


Basic Stitches
Following patterns
How to "Work in pattern"


Inconsistent gauge
Tight cast-on edge
To knit duplicate pieces
Need a smooth edge?
Lose your place in the pattern?
Where did I begin?
Keep your place in written color changes
Feel like gauge swatches are a wasted effort?
Too many loose ends?
Pin it together
Hide the ends
Add a new skein of yarn
Placing unraveled stitches back on needles

Thoughtful gifts


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