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Monday, April 04, 2005

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General information: Quilting and Sewing

Quilts are celebrations of color. To love quilting is to love color, and as quilters know so well -- the love of color translates into the love of fabric.

Perhaps, like many quilters, you've found yourself leaving the fabric store with enough fabric for your current project as well as several future projects tucked in for good measure. So much fabric that you've had to find creative places to hide ... woops ... store them. With so many beautiful fabrics, in every conceivable color -- who can resist? After all, the pink you found today will be perfect with the green you found last week.

Today, more than ever, quilters have reason to celebrate. There are plenty of resources, thousands of patterns -- past and present -- as well as wonderful tools developed to provide quilters with faster, easier techniques for quilting by hand or machine. So, whether beginning a simple project to learn the basics or using polished skills to create an intricate heirloom piece, decide on a pattern, choose your fabric ... get ready, set, celebrate!




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