Create a Quilt Garden
Meet The Expert
Susan Wagner is the Special Projects Director for the Country Sampler brand of Annie's Publishing and the editor of various special decorating publications produced by Country Sampler . Susan has been involved in home decorating and publishing for the past 20 years and has seen various styles and trends shape the decorating world. She works with designers and decorating... Full bio »

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Have you ever seen a quilt garden? Quilt gardens are planted in public and private gardens in communities around the country, and if you wish, you can adapt the techniques in this episode to fit your own garden space. Join Country Sampler special projects director Susan Wagner to dig into the colorful world of quilt gardens for public and private spaces with community quilt gardener Mark Settlemyre.

In this Creative Living episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Choose and prepare a location for a quilt garden.
  • Plan your design.
  • Choose your flowers.
  • Transfer your design to the bed.