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Free Preview: Tunisian Cables & Lace
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Kim Guzman
Tunisian Cables & Lace
Tunisian Cables & Lace
Kim Guzman, Instructor

Add texture and style to your basic Tunisian crochet skills by learning easy cables and lace stitches! Find out more in the Class Description below.


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To see a complete materials list for all class projects, download this Class Materials PDF.

Find out how to use Tunisian crochet to create knit-look lace and cables. In this advanced beginner-level crochet class, Tunisian expert Kim Guzman builds upon the basic Tunisian stitches by adding easy-to-learn cables and lace stitches. Kim's thorough and relaxing instructional style will give you confidence to learn these beautiful stitches while crocheting three pretty projects.

This online video crochet class begins with a description of Tunisian crochet, and demonstrates how to open and close stitches and the similarity to standard crochet. You'll learn about the different Tunisian hooks used and how to hold them, and get a step-by-step of chain and an anatomy of stitches.

You will also learn how to crochet a basic lace stitch and will be on your way to crocheting the beautiful Tri-Lace Scarf, the perfect introductory Tunisian lace project that is a stepping stone for learning additional skills. With the delicate Tri-Lace Shawlette project, you will expand upon the same tri-lace stitch pattern but with the addition of working short rows to form the unique shaping. This gives you a chance to make a true lace project that you'll also love wearing to display your newly-discovered skills.

Finally, Kim will teach you how to work cables in Tunisian crochet, providing several different methods of crossing the stitches to form the cable. The versatile Laced Cables Wrap pattern can also be used to make a scarf, shawl, baby blanket and throw. Pattern options for these are included with the crochet class.

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4.5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 7 customers.)

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April 15, 2018
Deborah F
I watched the class but did not do anything yet. I can't seem to find the hook I need for the class. Any ideas where to find it?
Annie's Customer Service

Deborah - you can find the I hook on our webiste
May 8, 2017
Jean O
I really loved this class! I am familiar with the basic Tunisian stitches but I wanted to improve my technique and expand my Tunisian crochet skills and Kim did not disappoint me with her excellent teaching. I found the lace stitch pattern tricky and the cables trickier still but feel I have now mastered both and am confident to tackle more advanced Tunisian patterns. I have been crocheting for xx years and have done online courses which have been enjoyable but I haven't actually learnt much from them. This course was enjoyable and I have learnt a lot! I would highly recommend it.
September 17, 2014
Sandeleh F
I got this class at 50% off and it was overpriced at that. Not that Kim isn't a good instructor - she's one of my favorites - but the content of the class was just not worth $XX or even $XX. I've taken several Cxxxxxy classes and they were all very good, so I was terribly disappointed in this class. Only ONE lace st was shown and only ONE cable st was shown. I don't believe that having the same project in different widths makes for more than one project. Lace scarf and same lace shawl = ONE project IMO. Four different widths of cable panels = ONE project IMO.

Save your money and learn lace and cables on YouTube.
August 5, 2014
Nancy S
I am very glad that I bought this course. I've always been intimidated by cable crochet. I noticed that someone said, in their review, that the class started without the foundation row. If you continue with the videos you will see how to make the foundation row. I think this class was meant to continue with a basic knowledge of Tunisian crochet. In any case, it is possible to begin learning Tunisian crochet (knit stitch and cable stitch) with this video. If you haven't done any Tunisian crochet, you may want to take that class first. It was very interesting too.
June 16, 2014
Karen P
I'm not happy that at $25 this class skips over the foundation row for Tunisian Crochet. Kim starts all of her videos with this row already completed. I have looked at the first class (where she includes the foundation row) and it doesn't interest me at all. I feel it would have been to have that little tutorial included here in this class too. After all, it still costs $25 to take. Kim explains the stitches/techniques well, and I am now confident that I can do these projects with ease. However, I am unhappy at paying all that money only to find I have to "YouTube"/Google how to do the foundation row in Tunisian crochet.

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