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Free Preview: Learn to Crochet Lace: Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges
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Now you can learn how to crochet beautiful lace. Learn the skills to crochet hairpin lace, broomstick lace and Bruges lace in this one class! Find out more in the Class Description below.

Ellen Gormley
Learn to Crochet Lace: Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges
Ellen Gormley, Instructor
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To see a complete materials list for all class projects, download this Class Materials PDF.

Join expert instructor Ellen Gormley as she teaches how to crochet three beautiful and beloved lace techniques -- hairpin lace, broomstick lace and Bruges lace. In just one class, you'll learn how to assemble and use a hairpin lace loom, how to properly hold a large knitting needle and crochet hook to make broomstick lace, and how short rows worked with a simple crochet hook becomes elegant Bruges lace. You'll love all the possibilities with these gorgeous lace techniques and will be thrilled to add these skills to your crochet repertoire.

In addition to the video content, this class also includes step-by-step patterns and symbol diagrams for crocheting six exclusive class projects (see photos below). Gentle Waves Hairpin Lace Scarf and Simply Elegant Hairpin Lace Scarf will complement many outfits. The Baby Love Broomstick Blanket is perfect for the expectant mother and Broomstick Lace Shawlette will win praise from family and friends. Finally, two Bruges lace projects, Bruges Lace Tunic and Sunbeam Bruges Lace Table Runner, will showcase your newfound skills.

In this class, you'll learn how to:
  • Assemble and use a hairpin lace loom.
  • Join hairpin lace panels.
  • Work hairpin lace as a right- or left-hander.
  • Determine which supersize knitting needle and regular crochet hook to use for broomstick lace.
  • Increase and decrease in broomstick lace.
  • Crochet strips of Bruges lace and join them into a beautiful, lacy fabric.
  • Read crochet symbol charts.
  • Block your finished projects to show off each stitch.
  • Crochet six exclusive projects including scarves, baby blanket, tunic, table runner and shawlette.
Confident beginner crocheters able to chain, slip stitch, work single, half double and double crochet stitches will be able to successfully complete this class.

Annie's online classes include downloadable and printable class patterns in PDF format in addition to the online video content. You can view online classes at your convenience, 24/7, 365 days a year from any mobile device, both tablet and non-tablet (phones, iPod Touch, etc.) but classes are best viewed on tablets or computers. All Annie's online classes and DVDs have closed captioning.

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Hairpin Lace
Broomstick Lace
Bruges Lace
Lace Blocking Techniques
Class Wrap-Up
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Customer Reviews for Learn to Crochet Lace: Hairpin, Broomstick & Bruges:

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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 15 customers.)

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September 18, 2019
I really appreciate how well Ellen explains things. She is a most excellent instructor. I am so glad I purchased this class.
August 26, 2019
Karen C
Just finished watching this class, which is just brilliant. I have tried all three methods in this class before, but Ellen is such a great teacher she is inspiring me to get out my hairpin loom and large knitting needles again and give these projects a go. The pace Ellen goes at is perfect, not too fast and all directions are so clear, including the filming angles. I was especially glad to see the instructions for left handers in the hairpin lace section. I feel we are often a bit left out as almost all of the teachers at Annie's are right handed. It was a shame we didn't have left handed instructions for the broomstick lace too, but understand that this would have been a bit tricky for Ellen to do.
I would have liked to see how a border would have been added to the Bruges lace table runner to join or secure the arches a bit more, by using double trebles, triple trebles etc to "fill in" spaces and joining to the outer loops of the arch.(if, say your tapes were moving in the opposite direction to the runner in this video, meaning you had many more arches), Overall though I thoroughly enjoyed this class, would love to see more.
March 27, 2017
Katrina P
The directions were confusing to me. Also, for left handers, the instructions left a LOT to be desired...sad, because the finished pieces are so beautiful.
February 4, 2017
Janice S
Excellent teacher. Very clear instruction and attention to detail. I enjoyed learning three new crochet techniques and will definitely recommend this class to others.
July 11, 2016
Jaya T
Hi I am Jaya from Malaysia. This class was just excellent. I felt as though I was sitting in a classroom. The tutor is extremely knowledgeable on her techniques. I have seen the hairpin lace and the broomstick crochet. Have already done the broomstick crochet scarf.It is a gift for my friend in Canada.

Want to start on the hairpin next. I have understood it quite well.
Bruges crochet I have not seen yet. Will comment later.

Will recommend to others. View this before Utube

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