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Free Preview: Mix & Match Knit Sampler
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Kara Gott Warner
Mix & Match Knit Sampler
Mix & Match Knit Sampler
Kara Gott Warner, Instructor

Creative Knitting magazine editor Kara Gott Warner will help you expand your knitting skills with 12 beautiful stitch patterns! Find out more in the Class Description below.


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To see a complete materials list for all class projects, download this Class Materials PDF.

Go beyond basic knit and purl stitches and learn 12 different stitch patterns that will expand your knitting skills and build your confidence! In this knit sampler class, Creative Knitting Executive Editor Kara Gott Warner will teach you a variety of knitting techniques while you create 8 x 8-inch sampler stitch squares. These squares can be joined together to create a variety of knitting projects, including a lap or baby blanket, afghan and a tote bag. Learning such a wide range of knitting techniques is satisfying and fun when worked in small squares. It's also great for using up your yarn stash! For on-the-go knitters, squares can easily be tucked away in your knitting bag.

In this class, you'll:
  • Learn 12 different knitting stitch patterns by working 8 x 8-inch squares
  • Take knits and purls to the next level with seed stitch, moss stitch, double moss stitch, tuck & bowknot stitch, hexagon stitch, mosaic chevron stitch, mitered squares and more
  • Learn the magic of mitering, also known as modular knitting
  • Learn a basic scroll lace stitch pattern
  • Work a one- and two-color cable pattern
  • Get an introduction into working short rows
  • Join the squares together to create a vibrant afghan or boho tote
Expand your knitting skills today with this early-intermediate knitting class. Viewers will notice that Kara knits in Continental style, but stitches and techniques are worked the same for all knitters -- English, Continental or otherwise. Continental style simply has to do with how the knitter tensions and moves the yarn.

Annie's online classes include downloadable and printable class patterns in PDF format in addition to the online video content. You can view online classes at your convenience, 24/7, 365 days a year from any mobile device, both tablet and non-tablet (phones, iPod Touch, etc.) but classes are best viewed on tablets or computers. All Annieĺs online classes and DVDs have closed captioning.
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Seed & Moss Stitch
Tuck & Bowknot Stitch & ...
Mosaic Knitting
Mitered Knitting
Lace & Openwork
Short Rows
Class Wrap-Up
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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 7 customers.)

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March 27, 2015
Joanne H
Kara Gott Warner is an excellent teacher and makes each knitted square look easy. She gives great and repetitive instructions so you can follow along to easily learn the stitches. There are many ideas given for turning sample swatches (squares) into great and useful pieces. The stitches chosen are also great for other projects and are of a useful variety. I learned to knit when I was a child but never knew more than a simple knit 1 purl 2 pattern. I never learned how I could join squares or pieces together. Kara teaches that and so much more. Excellent class!
July 7, 2014
Elizabeth S
I finished each square, and I enjoyed the class very much. The instructor is clear, and I could easily see the techniques, even with my bad eyes. I'm looking forward to putting the squares together now and making the bag. I highly recommend this class.
May 16, 2014
Donna R
The instructor is so clear in her descriptions and she knits patiently for us beginners. I have gone over the sections several times and will return again to refresh and improve my skills.
March 22, 2014
Linda M
This course entails everything they tell you in the description and it is very well taught indeed. Clear shots, clear instructions. Highly recommended
February 20, 2014
Salome T
I love this class. I have been knitting for many years now and learned more doing some of the squares. What I need now is how to join the squares and making it look professionally done instead of "homemade". I love doing these squares.

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