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Free Preview: Fabulous Paper Folds
Skill Level: Beginner
Sharon M. Reinhart
Fabulous Paper Folds
Fabulous Paper Folds
Sharon M. Reinhart, Instructor

Experience the wonder of turning flat pieces of paper into exquisite flowers, medallions, and more with teabag folding, iris folding and more. Find out more in the Class Description below.


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Fabulous Paper Folds FAQ

Where did you say that I could find a copy of your Progression Samples sheet to print?Expand

The Progression Samples (my little cheat sheets) can be found in the downloadable materials (in with all of the step-by-step project instructions) pages 21, 22 and 23.

I am having trouble getting the adhesive to hold my medallions together. I have tried tape, liquid glue and mounting squares, but I am not having good luck. Can you tell me the best thing to use for the medallions?Expand

My recommendation is the 1/8-inch Scor-tape brand. Depending on the paper you are using there is also a red liner tape called Terrifically Tacky tape that is very strong. Both of these tapes are available in roll form and are liner tapes, meaning double-sided tapes with a liner. Scor-tape has a white liner to be removed prior to adhering and the Terrifically Tacky tape has a red liner to be removed. Scor-tape is available through Annie's at

Where do I get the pattern for the circular card?Expand

The pattern for this card is an iris folding rubber stamp available at Stamp N Plus Scrap N. The contact info is listed in the Buyer's Guide on page 26 of the downloadable materials. The other option is to try using the 2 1/2-inch square pattern from the Tropical Delight card on page 10 of the downloadable materials. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns with different windows or apertures.

What type of glue are you using?Expand

I use a variety of adhesives in my paper crafting kit. It all depends on what I am trying to adhere. One of the liquid adhesives shown in the video is the Tombow Mono Aqua adhesive which has a dual point and the other was a Zig style of dual point glue pen. The Zig one has more of a sponge applicator. The key is just trying to match an appropriate adhesive to the job being completed. For tiny gems I often use the Tombow Mono Aqua, Sakura Glue pen or an Elmer's fine-tip style. Adhesive dots would also be an option for gems. Annie's does carry the Elmer's brand in a variety of styles. For assembly of the tea-bag medallions it is the Scor-tape that I use, which Annie's also carries.

Could you shed some more light on the papers to use for iris folding or tea-bag folding? A lot of times, thicker papers don't give clean folds.Expand

With regards to the papers, for tea-bag folding especially, a lightweight (what the paper companies call text weight) paper provides the best results. Something similar in weight to a 20lb photocopy paper. That being said, there are some pearl or shimmer "text" weight papers (typically around 80lbs) that work beautifully, which have also been used in the class. Pearl "cover" stock is too heavy for this technique. Anything from gift wrapping paper, book print paper, chiyogami, origami and recycled security envelopes to text weight scrapbooking papers and fine stationary will work great for tea-bag folding. For iris folding, all of the ones listed above plus tissue paper work wonderfully.

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4 out of 5 (Reviewed by 5 customers.)

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February 28, 2015
Lourdes L
Well worth my purchase! Some of the techniques I was looking for. Loved the examples; beautiful. I hope there will be more paper folding classes from Annie's.
November 12, 2014
Cynthia S
The instructor is very clear, and seems sweet. And the projects are beautiful. My issue is that the classes are scripted and clearly read. The instructor's lilting and somewhat unnatural intonation was very hard to bear at times. I don't mean to be unkind, and I realize that this may simply be my personal preference, but I don't know whether I would have purchased the class had I realized it would be like that. I own a lot of online courses, and I prefer unscripted presentations, which are much more natural. They also help you to feel like you are really in the classroom with the instructor.
October 31, 2014
Janine N
I thoroughly enjoyed following this class online. I was able to stop when I needed to and carry on when I was ready. Seeing "hands-on" makes it so easy to get the folding right. Brilliant!
May 30, 2014
Maryann S
I've already made some cards using eBooks and magazines. Couldn't watch the video, kept stopping. The cards are beautiful.
January 3, 2014
Linda R
These cards are beautiful and the techniques are what I have been wanting to learn. I am so glad this is available thru Annie's Crafts. I
am anxious to get started.

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