Moderately Challenging
Join-as-You-Go Mitered Squares: Dharma Tote
Meet The Expert
Rohn Strong is crochet and knitwear designer and yarn spinner who has been crocheting since he was 6. His designs reflect a desire to push the boundaries of the crafts. Rohn creates combinations of his two favorite things: color and fashion! Full bio »

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Join-as-you-go mitered squares create a pattern of optical lines that form diamonds and create visual interest in this roomy bag. Long color repeats in the yarn give continuity to the overall colorway. Join crochet expert Rohn Strong in this Learn, Make, Create! episode as he crochets a mitered square and discusses the construction of this gorgeous bag.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Complete the Dharma Tote.
  • Learn how to work mitered squares.
  • Crochet single crochet decrease with skipped stitch.
  • Work double decreases.
  • Crochet 5 variations of mitered squares used in the pattern.
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