Feathered Bear Wall Hanging: Part 2 video
Feathered Bear Wall Hanging: Part 2
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Complete the basket block, assemble the border and put the finishing touches on your Feathered Bear Wall Hanging Quilt!

In this Quilter's Skill Builders online video class tutorial brought to you by Annie’s Creative Studio, quilting expert Nancy McNally demonstrates the steps to finishing this beautiful quilt.

In this online video class, you’ll learn how to:
  • Piece and assemble the basket block.
  • Master making half-square triangles.
  • Layer the quilt top.
  • Join the basket blocks and bear paw blocks.
  • Assemble and finish the Feathered Bear Wall Hanging quilt project.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Size: 60" x 60"

  • ¾ yd dark fabric (D)
  • 1½ yds medium dark fabric (MD)
  • ½ yd medium light fabric (ML)
  • ¾ yd light fabric (L1)
  • ¾ yd fabric light fabric (L2)
  • 2½ yds background fabric
  • ½ yd binding fabric
  • 5 yds backing fabric
  • Basic sewing supplies and tools
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