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Free Preview: How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern
Skill Level: Beginner
Patty Lyons
How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern
How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern
Patty Lyons, Instructor

This "next steps in knitting" class will show you how to read your knitting and master the pattern!


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Are you tired of knitting the same scarves and hats? Do you long to start on a cardigan, socks or even a sweater, but get lost among the abbreviations and technical terms? Are you frustrated by having to rip out all your hard work and starting over again because you don't know where you were in the pattern?

This class is just what you need to move forward in your knitting journey! Let instructor Patty Lyons teach you how to not just knit, but to read your knitting. When you've learned this imperative skill, it's easy to identify where you are and what you need to do next for whatever pattern you choose to do! Patty will then go on to teach you the ins and outs of patterns so you'll never get lost again! After watching this class, you will be able to not only read a pattern, but to master it as well!

In this video class you'll learn how to:
  • Do simple and more advanced increases and decreases
  • Read a chart
  • Read your knitting
  • Join a new ball of yarn
  • Weave in your ends
  • Follow a pattern
Class includes complete instructions to make two projects: Increase & Decrease Swatch and Read Your Knitting Sampler Scarf.

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Increases & Decreases: Beyond ...
Reading Your Knitting
Four Ways to Join a Ball of ...
Weaving in Your Ends
Pattern Checklist: Sampler ...
Pattern Next Steps: Garments
Class Wrap-Up
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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 27 customers.)

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June 12, 2018
Marilyn H
Annies: I have not yet completed the course. However, everyone who has been enjoying this craft should take this outstanding course. There is so much to learn from Pat's course no matter how long you've been knitting. You have been knitting!


PS My last project was a car coat that I made during Super Bowl 11! ...
May 18, 2018
Barbara A
Explanations extremely helpful. I am a visual learner and this helps immensely.
April 14, 2018
Lynn J
Patty's way of explaining and teaching is very easy to follow. I love the feature where one can repeat as needed, take a lesson at will, and work right along with the teacher. It's important that if a question comes up, you can write it in to the teacher.
January 29, 2018
Bev H
I have just started watching this class and have learnt so much already. Can't wait to learn more. Well presented and very informative. Thank you
January 26, 2018
Linda L
Great presentation, project and clarity. This class was most informative and most educational. I have found it is so nice to be able to watch. And advance at your own pace. I highly recommend.

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