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Free Preview: Coloring Fun With Alcohol Ink Markers: People
Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Jennifer Dove
Coloring Fun With Alcohol Ink Markers: People
Coloring Fun With Alcohol Ink Markers: People
Jennifer Dove, Instructor

Discover how to use your Copic and other alcohol ink markers to beautifully color people images. Youll color eyes, hair, skin, lips and clothing. Find out more in the Class Description below.


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To see a complete materials list for all class projects, download this Class Materials PDF.

Now you can learn how to color stamped images of people using Copics or any alcohol ink markers! Join expert coloring artist Jennifer Dove as she demonstrates and explains step-by-step how to color skin, lips, eyes, hair and clothing in this Annie's video class. When you purchase this class, you'll also get downloadable and printable worksheets and non-watermarked images for practicing each technique and for creating five exclusive card designs.

In this video, you'll first learn how to color light and dark skin tones to make people images look lifelike and 3-D. Next, you'll learn how to color lips. In the third lesson, you'll learn how to color four different styles of eyes including realistic, comic-book style, small dot eyes, and as an added bonus, animal eyes. You'll also learn how to add in cheeks, noses and chins when they aren't on the original image, plus how to color curly, wavy and straight hair. Finally, Jennifer shows you how to give clothing texture and dimension with ruffles, folds, fluff, dots and more.

In this class, you'll learn how to:
  • Color light and dark skin tones with perfect blending.
  • Make faces look 3-D.
  • Shape and color four different eye styles: realistic, comic book, small dot eyes and animal eyes.
  • Color lips with a sheen.
  • Color hair with curls, waves, highlights and shine.
  • Add sometimes-missing facial features such as noses, cheeks and chins.
  • Color clothing with texture including folds, pleats, ruffles, fluff and denim.
  • And much more.
Anyone who knows the basics of using alcohol ink markers (including but not limited to Copics) will be able to successfully complete this class.

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Coloring Skin
Coloring Lips
Coloring Eyes
Adding Facial Features
Coloring Hair
Creating Texture & Design on ...
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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 12 customers.)

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April 15, 2017
Yvonne R
This is a beautiful and relaxing class with so much to learn. I thought I knew everything about art, boy was I wrong!
Thank you for a wonderful class experience and I will be watching this class over and over again. Brilliant teacher!!!
January 15, 2017
Helen S
Hands down one of the best classes I ever took, what a fantastic learning experience. I was able to apply the techniques right away on my digi projects. I come back to this class again and again for refreshers!
April 11, 2016
Monique J
This has to be one of the best ways to learn how to use Copic markers. And from such a talented artist... she makes it look so easy...which is why I'm glad I can back up the last little bit, or pause to catch much detail is covered, and she explains why she does things a particular way for great results.

I will look forward to taking more online classes from Jennifer. As someone just starting out with Copics- it's helpful to know what pen colors she's using rather than "light, dark and medium...."
November 8, 2015
Elaine R
I really enjoyed this class. I had to switch to the DVD's due to rural internet issues. Annie's was great about making the switch! It's wonderful to be able to go back again and again and just refresh my memory! I have seen a definite improvement in my skills.

I love how the classes are segmented so you can go right to the part you want to work on. The repeat option is fantastic, I really miss that now that I have switched. For those who have never taken one of Annie's online classes you can hit a button and the last 30, 60, 90 seconds (or an amount of time you choose with a slider) will repeat over and over until you tell it not to. This is great for coloring along and not getting left behind, or picking up a skill you just don't understand.

I had a question, and Jennifer responded within just a few days. So she is checking for students with issues!
May 6, 2015
Debra K
This was my first online class, I loved it! Jennifer was great and made it very easy to follow along. I have taken other Copic class the Standard Certified Designer and the Tracing Memories. I have to say I liked this more because it's all about coloring and doing. I will be taking more! Thanks Jennifer.

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