Patchwork Kitty
Meet The Expert
Rohn Strong is crochet and knitwear designer and yarn spinner who has been crocheting since he was 6. His designs reflect a desire to push the boundaries of the crafts. Rohn creates combinations of his two favorite things: color and fashion! Full bio »

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Are you ready for a little amigurumi (amm-a-gu-RU-me)? Amigurumi is a Japanese hybrid word that means a crocheted or knit stuffed creature. Typically, these cute animals have an oversized head. Its popularity has spread from the East into the rest of the creative world.

Crochet expert Rohn Strong shows how to choose colors of scrap yarn for this Patchwork Kitty design by Sheila Leslie. Rohn started his professional crocheting career by making amigurumi designs, and will demonstrate his tried-and-true tips for joining and stuffing pieces.

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