A Closer Look at Tapestry Crochet
Meet The Expert
Toni Lipsey is the designer and instructor behind TL Yarn Crafts. She strives to inspire othersí creativity through online tutorials and modern, approachable crochet patterns. Toni learned to crochet from her mother as a teenager and has been exploring the possibilities of yarn ever since. She is currently obsessed with making shawls in fun shapes and cozy sweaters. Follow her... Full bio »

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You've seen tapestry crochet, and you understand that it's reversible, but how well do you understand its differences when working in the round versus working in a flat row? Join crochet expert Toni Lipsey in this episode of Quick Stitches & Tips for a closer look at the finer points of tapestry crochet.

In this episode, you'll learn how to:
  • Carry non-working yarn along stitches without yarn floats.
  • Crochet a reversable color pattern.
  • Work tapestry crochet in the round and in flat rows.