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Easy, Elegant Flower Arranging
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Cydney Davis-English is a third generation florist following in the footsteps of her father and grandmother. Amazingly enough, her husband, Warren, is also a third generation florist, having grown up in his mother and grandmother's florist shop. Cydney opened her floral studio, The English Garden, in 2007. Eight years later, business is blooming. The English Garden team... Full bio »

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Designing with flowers, both fresh and silk, can be a creative, fun and relaxing experience. Embracing the beauty of flowers will brighten your days, liven up your parties and enrich your family and holiday gatherings. Expert florist Cydney Davis-English will quickly have you feeling comfortable and confident as you work with, prune and arrange flowers into four beautiful arrangements for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

You'll learn about tools and materials for flower arranging and sample a wide variety of beautiful blooms as you watch Cydney create each arrangement step by step throughout this video. You'll soon feel inspired to bring the beauty of flowers into your everyday life.

In this class you'll learn how to:
  • Pick the right tools for cutting flowers and foliage.
  • Tricks for making flower blooms open beautifully and last longer.
  • Prepare roses, tulips, irises, snapdragons and many other flowers for long-lasting beauty.
  • Choose greenery to accent and enhance the flowers.
  • Build a bouquet with balanced color and shape.
  • Create cascading, terraced and palisade designs.
  • Add modern touches to a traditional design.
  • Build an organic container out of twigs.
  • Add botanical and silk embellishments that look realistic.
  • Adapt a wintry table centerpiece into a beautiful door wreath.
Class includes complete instructions to make four exclusive projects in both fresh flowers and silk: Springtime Serenade, Summertime Fresh From the Market, Cascading Autumn Walk Door Decor and Winterberry Candle Ring Centerpiece.

Easy, Elegant Flower Arranging streaming online class and DVD include full video and written instructions to make the Winterberry Christmas Wreath & Centerpiece. If you purchase Winterberry Christmas Wreath & Centerpiece single-project online workshop and later purchase Easy, Elegant Flower Arranging, you can receive credit for the single-project workshop by emailing Customer_Service@AnniesCraftStore.com or calling 1-800-282-6643.

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