Afghan Stitch

Appearance in pattern - afghan st

Afghan Color Change
Afghan Find Vertical Bar
Afghan Pulling Up Loops
Afghan Working Loops Off Hook
If starting the work with an afghan stitch: Chain number indicated in pattern, insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo, draw up 1/4" lp, (insert hook in next ch, yo, draw up 1/4" lp) across, leaving all lps on hook, do not turn; to work lps off hook, (yo, draw through 2 lps on hook) across, leaving one lp on hook at end of row.
Afghan Stitch Afghan Stitch
If afghan stitch is being worked in Row 2 or later: Skip first vertical bar; for afghan stitch, insert hook under next vertical bar (c), yo, draw up 1/4" lp; afghan st in each vertical bar across to last vertical bar; for last st, insert hook under last bar and st directly behind it (d), yo, draw up 1/4" lp; work lps off hook (e & f).
Afghan Stitch Afghan Stitch
Afghan Stitch Afghan Stitch
Afghan Stitch Afghan Stitch
Special instruction notes for afghan stitch:

For increase, draw up 1/4" lp under first vertical bar.

Afghan Stitch Afghan Stitch
For decrease, insert hook under next 2 vertical bars, yo, draw through both bars.
Afghan Stitch
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