Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Crochet

Technique: Crochet
Skill Level: Easy to Intermediate
Annie's Original
Item # A09SS

Number of pages: 23

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We are bringing Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam back from the archives!

These adorable patterns of Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam are Annie’s originals. Instructions are written for pillows, afghans, dolls, pot holders and keychain dolls. Each design is stitched using worsted-weight yarn.

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Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Crochet

July 28, 2014

Love this quilt but was wondering if this is a kit or if everything is purchased separate.

Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Crochet

June 16, 2014

Love the look of the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam design I have one question before ordering, is it crocheted completely as you work the square or do you have to do needlework to add the figures to the squares afterwards?

Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Crochet

June 1, 2014

I made this pattern up when my first child was 5 years old (she is 33 now). I entered it in the Texas State Fair and it won a 1st place ribbon. It was a fun pattern and I'm glad to see it's still available as a download. I still have the original glossy patterns for both Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam. Now that I have grandchildren, I'll be breaking out the pattern again.

Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam Crochet

May 25, 2014

I have not as yet purchased Owl Sleepsack or Sunbonnet Sue crochet pattern, just about to check out. I have the Sunbonnet Sue quilting book. It is so lovely. What I would like to know is when I have made the items, crochet or quilting, would I be allowed to sell them online or at craft fairs? Ann

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