Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

Technique: Crochet
Skill Level: Intermediate
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This ultra-feminine top is a great extra layer. The flared skirt just skims the hips while keeping your focus on the long "V" at the front and back. The motifs are join-as-you-go so it works up quickly. It is made using 3 skeins of Omega Eulali or any fingering-weight yarn. Sizes: S--M (L--XL).


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Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

October 29, 2017

I am having a very difficult time understanding this pattern. I am not new to crocheting and have ordered patterns from Annie's before. Do I crochet 15 motifs separately and then join them? I have a copy of the revision dated 811/14. I don't want to fasten off after each motif and then find out I am wrong. My understanding is to do 15 separate motifs and then follow the revision of 8/11/14 to join. Can someone confirm this for me. I love the looks of the pattern and would like to complete it.

Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

August 28, 2014

I would like to consider myself as experienced, but this a pattern was missing lots of pertinent detail. The directions are very vague and left a lot to interpretation. I was only able to finally finish this project, by emailing and sending pictures to the email address listed by the designer.

Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

August 17, 2014

I too am struggling with the joining - would love to complete this project, but the directions aren't complete enough to do so.

Annie's Customer Service
Nancy - We did post new instructions for this pattern on 8/11/14. Please access your bookshelf to download the new version of the pattern.
Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

August 6, 2014

Yes, I also think the directions lack information on how this is to be assembled. There are directions for joining round 7. So I am making all the motifs to round 6, then I plan to join them all with the joining round. Hope it works. I'm putting 2 stars for now.

Michelle Top Crochet Pattern

August 3, 2014

This pattern leaves out a lot of crucial information. First, it says to go to Round 6 for the smaller size (which I'm making) or Round 7 for the larger size. You're also supposed to join as you go, but she only includes joining instructions for around 7, not Round 6, so I had to adapt that myself. Then it's ambiguous whether you join into strips, and then connect the strips another way, or whether you're supposed to join into one large piece. I assumed the later, but there are no instructions for joining more than two corners together. Because of that, I again had to make it up myself, and now my corners don't look anything like the ones in the photo. Rather than tear it apart and try again, I'm just going to keep going with the ugly corners to be consistent. (Someone else who is struggling with the pattern contacted the creator and was told to join-as-you-go for the whole thing, but apparently didn't offer any further instruction.) I'm still working on one side, so I'm not even sure how the rest of the pattern is, but based on how much I've already had to figure out and make up on my own, I'm not impressed. I'm hoping the shirt still turns out ok otherwise.

Annie's Customer Service
Jennifer - We did post new instructions for this pattern on 8/11/14. Please access your bookshelf to download the new version of the pattern.

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