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I Can Cross Stitch
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Technique - Crafts

Kids will love learning how to cross stitch with Annie's new book!

Let your little ones explore the wonderful world of cross stitch with this easy-to-understand book that focuses on teaching kids the skills to make beautiful cross stitch designs! They’ll learn how to make fun wall decor, pillows, tote bags, keepsake boxes, jewelry and so much more. The book includes basic instructions on getting started, step-by-step instructions, black-and-white charts, photos and illustrations to guide them. Perfect for children ages 8-14. 48 pgs.

Electronic download is available as a PDF and in formats compatible with your e-reader.

Skill Level: Beginner

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Customer Reviews for I Can Cross Stitch:

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5 out of 5 (Reviewed by 2 customers.)
November 21, 2014
Melissa T
This book is a great learning tool and has some beautiful designs. Even the most experienced of cross stitchers would be pleased to own this book, just because it is geared to kids doesn't mean us adults can't use it to. I find the designs are very creative and joyful and I am an adult that love to cross stitch.

I think anyone who likes to cross stitch will find the patterns in the book lovely and playful.
September 11, 2014
Barbara R
This is a wonderful book for learning cross stitch. It is geared towards a young gal but it would be so much better if it included boys or adults. Anyone can learn but showing it as a "gals" book, I'm betting the two other types will stay away from it.

There are lots of photos and the words are well written and easy to follow. With the nine projects, I'm sure any gal (or others) could find something that they would like to make. Tips are given in blue boxes for an extra learning lesson.

The materials list is shown in a brown box and the thread needed along with the stitch count and design sizes are provided next. As a teacher, I can see more possible ideas that these designs will make so you aren't limited to just these nine projects.

If you have a young gal in your life that wants to learn to cross stitch, this book will guide here every step of the way.

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