Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps


Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps prevent fruit fly infestations.

Technique: Home Solutions
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Bring fruit fly infestations under control easily with our safe, non-toxic reusable Fruit Fly Traps. Simply add natural-based lure packet to water, add a drop of dishwashing soap, then set trap. The lure gives off a mild fruity odor that attracts the flies like magnets and works 10 to 14 days to keep flies away. Our Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps look like spice jars and sit inconspicuously on your counter or window sill and will put an end to pesky fruit flies that contaminate fruits and vegetables in your home. Package contains 2 traps and 2 lure packets. Refill lures sold in packages of 3.


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Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps

September 9, 2016

They take a while to work and I'm very happy when flies can't get enough the jars.

Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps

February 20, 2016

These traps really do work.. Rating - excellent. I've ordered these for 3 years

Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps

October 29, 2015

This product works great. For some reason we get fruit flies all the time, summer and winter. Some even like our bathroom. I'm buying more in order to keep them at bay. Worth every cent.

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