Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

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Skill Level: Intermediate
Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook
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You asked us to bring back the popular Cro-Tat technique and we listened! The package includes 1 size 6 Cro-Tat hook, How-to instructions including color photos, plus 3 brand-new projects all made using size 10 cotton thread. You will love getting reacquainted with this beautiful technique. Shawl requires 1200 yds of size 10 thread; Necklace requires 350 yds of size 10 thread and Mandala requires 350 yds each of 8 different colors size 10 thread.


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Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

November 8, 2017

I have just bought this book, and wish it did have more patterns, as there is only 1 in 3 different categories, and if you are a one category person, you get one pattern.. and a hook. I wish they would sell there hooks separate, people have many books and no hooks. I just found out they once made a 10 hook, but have no idea what it came with. I feel the size 6 hook is too large for 10 thread, for doilies and the necklace. But will probably be ok on the shawl. There is a mistake in how much thread is needed for the doily, as it is not 350 for each of the 8 colors - that would be a very expensive doily! As you can see, a little of each color. I haven't made it yet, as I'm still honing my skills at the technique, but it is the best cro-tat doily I've seen a pattern for, and so bought the book, just to get it. Since Annie has videos, I'm surprised they have not made any for this, since it is difficult to learn. More people have tried to do it and given up, for lack of being able to grasp it. Please search facebook for cro-tat and you will find some help in learning how.

Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

April 28, 2017

This is a new technique for me. I found the instruction book easy to follow, BUT I am having trouble closing the ring. I don't know where to hold the yarn so I can pull the hook through all the loops. I find there is no tension. I'd sure like to know where I have gone wrong. I can get some rings to close, but not others. The Book is fine, the instructions are clear. My technique leaves A LOT to be desired. If there is some way I can chat or e-mail or see a video, I'd sure appreciate it.

Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

January 18, 2017

I have not tried to use it yet but it has great directions. Since I have been crocheting for 70 years I do not think I will have a problem with it. Two of my aunts as well as their mother, my grandmother and one of my four sisters all tat. I have one of my grandmother's shuttles. I was always afraid to try to do tatting with it.

Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

January 11, 2017

I really like this booklet, great photos, easy to follow instructions. Great learning tool, for the inexperienced as well as the experienced. Wonderful purchase.

Learn to Cro-Tat Pkg w/hook

January 4, 2017

It seems really interesting but I haven't tried it yet. The instructions seem simple enough I don't see why I would have any problems. Just didn't have time to try it yet because of my holiday projects. Thank you

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