Learn to Crochet a Kitty Cat Couch DVD


Make a couch for the cat that thinks your couch is it's bed!

Skill Level: Easy
Learn to Crochet a Kitty Cat Couch DVD
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Ready to crochet the purr-fect project? Spoil your pet with their very own special snuggle spot. Join Ashley in this crochet adventure that will build your skills while making a cozy couch for your furry friend.

Learn how to crochet a comfy kitty couch for a special feline (or small canine) friend. The completed couch measures 21” x 11” x 14” and includes instructions to make three decorative pillows, too!

In this video class you’ll learn how to:
  • Construct the couch base bottom using Single and Double Crochet Stitches.
  • Crochet the seat and back of the couch.
  • Master the Single Crochet Decrease Stitch to crochet the sides of the couch.
  • Use V-Stitches to create the three pillows.
  • Insert foam and polyester fiberfill inside of the couch.
  • Assemble and finish the Kitty Couch.

Watch this online class and learn how to crochet one of Annie’s most popular patterns of all time!

Video Length: 1 Hours 5 Minutes

Also available as an Annie's Online Class