Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves


Need help keeping your yarn neat and tangle-free?

Technique: Crochet
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These stretchy plastic yarn sleeves are just what you need. Made of a flexible plastic that will open up so you can easily insert your yarn, each sleeve will them tighten so it holds it securely without getting any tangles. They work best with center-pull skeins or balls of yarn.

Included in each package:
  • Jumbo: 6 sleeves; 10" each
  • Assorted: 10 total; 4 (5") sleeves, 4 (7") sleeves and 2 (10") sleeve


Overall rating:
3.5 out of 5
(8 reviews)

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Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves

April 10, 2020

I had a bit of trouble getting these on my 14 ounce and pounder skeins of yarn, but once on, they held the yarn snugly and prevented large amounts of yarn from coming out of the skeins at one time and becoming tangled. It helped to take the labels off the skeins before putting these on. I plan to buy a set of the smaller ones for my smaller skeins of yarn.

Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves

December 21, 2019

Super thick plastic that is too tight to fit on yarn. Takes two hands to open them and crushes the yarn so it won't pull out of the cake or skein. Not at all like the sleeves I have for my serger yarn.

Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves

March 16, 2019

These are the greatest invention. I love them. No more yarm unraveling. I have small ones I use on thread so I knew beforehand that these would be great for yarn.

Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves

December 18, 2018

The yarn sleeves were a great addition for my stashes. No more tangled messes of 5 or 6 different balls of yarn wrapped up in a mess.

Assorted Sizes Yarn Sleeves

January 24, 2016

They don't fit except smaller balls. The concept is good but need more expansion ability to fit without messing up the yarn ball. Maybe a more flexible material would help.

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