Original Perfect Pleaterô

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Pleating fabric is easy as tuck-press-sew!

Technique: Sew
Original Perfect Pleater™
Item # 532015
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The Original Perfect Pleaterô makes pleating fabric easy. Before pleating, relax the Perfect Pleater by rolling it back against itself to open up the louvers. Then tuck your fabric into the louvers on the Perfect Pleater and press to set pleats. To release your fabric from the Perfect Pleater, roll it back against itself again, and the fabric will pop right out! Tuck fabric into every louver to make 1/4" pleats or skip every other louver to make 1/2" pleats. You can also use it to make 3/4" and 1" pleats or even wider. The return is always 3/8" deep. Watch the video for a complete tutorial on how to use the Perfect Pleater. You can use the Perfect Pleater to pleat fabric, ribbon, and lace. It comes with complete instructions. 8" x 11".


Item # 532016