This is a MUST for you if your machine has no self-needle threader.

Needle Threader And Inserter - 1/pkg.
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Hold in left hand, insert wire into needle from the back. A tiny hook catches thread, lets you pull through quick and easy. Hole in other end holds needle while you insert it and tighten set screw. 3".


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Needle Threader and Inserter

August 21, 2016

I have been using this needle threader since the company was called Clotilde. I have to keep repurchasing because I lose them. I've never had one break or had the wire bend. I recently got a "deal" on another threader and managed to bend the threader piece on all three that I purchased in about 4 days. I use this on my Serger and embroidery machine and my regular machine when I'm using a double needle. Count me as a very satisfied customer.

Needle Threader and Inserter

October 1, 2014

This is a good tool as long as you don't bend the inserter while finding the eye of the needle. On the other side is a needle inserter which works great on a one needle machine - on a serger with 2 needles, it works great if there are separate set screws. Unfortunately my serger has one set screw and has to insert both needles at the same time.

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