Push, poke, turn, stuff anything.

6" Purple Thang
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Use to get into hard-to-reach places like doll fingers, collar points or ends of belts.


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6" Purple Thang

November 15, 2021

Got this in my order and it wasn't an item I ordered. I called and was told to keep it. Thought when would I ever use it. However, it turns out best mistake ever! Great for holding down bulky seams like Jean hem and helping push out corners. Thanks Annie

6" Purple Thang

September 16, 2021

Wow, that purple thing is amazing- why did I wait so long to get it. Works great on thick pieces of fabric- Thank you

6" Purple Thang

December 28, 2020

Love this thing! Lost it for a bit cuz it's super sleek in design (and my sewing space needs mucked out!) but it was right where I put it (insert eye roll). I've used it quite a bit and love it.

6" Purple Thang

December 12, 2020

Where have you been all my life. I wish I had this Thang years ago. It sure would have saved me lots of time & frustration. Now I'm lost without it. This dohicky is front & center by my sewing machine. I also have one in my knitting bag. Annie you sure have made my crafting life much easier.

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