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TrueCut My Comfort Cutter - 45mm

Technique: Quilt
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Eliminate stress in the wrist and arm with this ergonomic rotary cutter! Its unique handle design aligns your wrist naturally, placing all cutting power directly over the blade.

The My Comfort Cutter works with our TrueCut Ruler Track to give you straight cuts every time! As you move the cutter down the ruler, the cutter's guide interlocks with the ruler track to keep the cutter from slipping off of the ruler's edge. This guide is also removable so the cutter can be used normally with any ruler without the benefit of the track and guide system.

Customize your cutter's handle with your own designs, photos or fabric! Use with the TrueCut Rulers, sold here at, for a perfect cut every time!
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TrueCut My Comfort Cutter - 45mm

April 9, 2014

This ergo rotary cutter has some issues, but if you are careful, you can be successful with it. First of all, you can hold it three different ways (pictured on the packaging), next it has the capability to change to left-handed by swapping sides, and it can be decorated to personalize it. My main problem with the design is that if you don't place the cutter's shield over the ruler you will cut it wonky. The nice thing is you can hear if you miss part of a cut. If you are cutting half square triangles you REALLY have to place the cutter carefully. The finger or thumb rest (depending on your comfort) is very close to the the blade release so that's a bonus. Both sides of the handle have a removable piece that you can insert a favorite piece of fabric, a name plate or a fancy piece of scrapbook paper (the template for insert is included). Although this is trivial, I thought it was fun. If I didn't have to be so precise with the positioning of the cutter, I would have given it more stars. If you are a seasoned quilter ... you'll do OK.

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