Are you tired of adding a seam allowance to all your pattern pieces? With the Seam Allowance Guide, you no longer have to measure and trace around each individual pattern piece saving you valuable time.

Technique: Quilt
Seam Allowance Guide
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This innovative guide uses an extremely strong magnet to stick to the side of your scissor blades so you can cut seam allowances as you go without measuring or tracing first. If your scissor blades have a slight slope, use the yellow guide and rotate it parallel to the table/fabric. The green guide is for scissors with no slope on the outer edge of the blade. Both the yellow and green guides are included. If you want to create various sizes of seam allowances, simply move the black ring on the guide to your desired seam allowance.

Perfect for:
  • Right- and left-handed scissors
  • Altering patterns
  • Picking up pins
  • Creating patterns from scratch
  • Burda style magazine patterns
  • Japanese pattern books
  • Marfy patterns