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Batik Fabrics Add Stunning Color to Your Projects

Batik fabrics originated in Indonesia. They add a luxurious style to your quilting projects. You can find batiks in rich color collections from deep purples to serene blues. Some batiks even include a subtle shimmer or gold finish for a little something extra. Anthology Fabrics is known for beautiful batiks, too!

Batik Fabrics and Project Ideas

Batik fabrics are traditional to several world cultures, so chances are you've seen them before, but what are they? Traditionally, a batik print was created by drawing a design on the fabric with wax before applying dye. The space with the wax didn't receive as much or any dye, leaving behind the pattern. While the method for creating many batiks has changed, the fabrics are still known for unique patterns and beautiful, vibrant colors. Annie's offers a variety of batiks in precut fabric sizes, including jelly rolls, fat quarters, and charm packs.

Use batiks in any quilting pattern to add some color variegation to your design without making it too busy. Batiks can also be used to add gorgeous borders to fabric panels. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity!