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Inspirational Fabric Panels Add Meaningful Words to Quilting Projects

Transform your quilting project into a motivating statement or special reminder of the finer things in life by using inspirational fabric panels. These inspirational fabric panels offer religious messages, statements of friendship, or comic reflections. Browse all of our Fabric Panels for more options.

Inspirational Fabric Panels and Project Ideas

When you add an inspirational fabric panel to your quilting project, you can give it a focal point that will make it perfect for displaying in your home. Make a quilted wall hanging for your home office, living room, or even your classroom. There are plenty of inspirational fabric panels to fit different projects and audiences. Choose the Girlfriend Wisdom fabric panel to make a special gift for a friend or one of our inspiring baby fabric panels to create a beautiful quilt for a baby's room. You can also find Precut Fabrics to coordinate with your fabric panels at Annie's, making it simple to get all of your fabrics in one stop.

In addition to using inspirational fabric panels as focal points in your quilting projects, you can also use smaller panels to add sayings or phrases to individual quilt squares. Personalize your project for its recipient or create a quilt that memorializes a special bond with our mother or sister inspirational fabric panels. Check out our Quilting Patterns for more project ideas.