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How to Knit in the Round

Cast on the required number of stitches onto a 29-inch, or longer, circular knitting needle. Slide the stitches to the cable portion of the circular knitting needle. Pinch the cable in half and then pull to create a large loop. Arrange half the stitches on one knitting needle tip, and half on the other tip. Slip the last cast-on stitch from the bottom knitting needle tip to the top knitting needle tip. Slip the first cast-on stitch from the top knitting needle tip over the transferred stitch and onto the bottom knitting needle tip. Hold the knitting needle in your left hand, and pull out the knitting needle tip that holds the "tail end" so that the stitches that were on the needle tip are now resting on the cable. Begin working the stitches that are still on the opposite knitting needle tip as if you were working on straight knitting needles. At the end of the row, simply turn the work around and reposition the stitches so that half the stitches to be worked are on the knitting needle tip and the other half are resting on the knitting needle cable. Continue to work in this manner until desired length is reached.

Magic Loop
Magic Loop
Magic Loop
Magic Loop
Magic Loop
Magic Loop
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