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It Takes a Village

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We just came back from taping season 7 of Knit and Crochet Now! and what a whirlwind week we had! Lena Skvagerson (associate producer, knitting expert, designer) and I (Candi Jensen, executive producer) arrived four days ahead of the experts and our new host, Deborah Norville, to pull together the behind-the-scenes part of the production, because, you might say, "it takes a village" to make the magic happen.

We refreshed the set and added another workspace to the mix, as you can see from these before and after shots of the set. This allows us to tape one worktable while the other is set up for the next segment, making the transition between projects just a little faster. The Stitch of the Week area is set up separate from the main studio space, so this gives us yet another area to use for taping.

Once the set is ready, the lighting and camera guys take over. It's a delicate process to make sure that all four of the cameras we work with are in the right places and that the sets are properly lighted before we begin to tape the show.

Stay tuned; next month we will show you the next step in the process ... the behind the scenes with the experts.

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