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Welcome New Host Deborah Norville

We at Knit and Crochet Now! are so excited to welcome our new host, Deborah Norville, to the show. Many of you already know Deborah from her work as a news anchor, but she is also a passionate, self-proclaimed "needlework nut"! She loves sewing, knitting, crocheting, macrame, embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch. I would say she is definitely a needlework nut.

Deborah Norville
Deborah Norville While she was in High School, Deborah decided, on a lark, to enter the Whitfield County (Georgia) Junior Miss Pageant. She actually won, and you'll never guess what her talent was -- it was sewing! She went on to win Georgia's Junior Miss title. When one of the sponsors of the pageant asked her, "Don't you sing or tap-dance when you sew?" She replied, "Nope. I pretty much just sit there and sew." An avid "maker" since she was a child, Deborah showed everyone that you can win with your mind and the talent of your hands.