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Embrace Changing Weather With a Hoodie Sweater

Greetings, stitchers!

What's a handy garment for changing weather? A hoodie! Flip the hood up when it gets too cold and damp, or leave it down for a stylish accent. Everyone can use a hoodie, and in the Hoodie Sweaters episode of Knit and Crochet Now!, Annie's experts will show you how to make two gorgeous hoodies!

Hello, I'm Mary Forte, your Knit and Crochet Now! update editor. I'm excited to give you a quick look at episode two of season 11! I love hoodies because they are easy to wear and always in fashion.

Hoodie Sweaters

Check Out Season 11's Hoodie Sweaters!
To start the episode, co-hosts/producers Connie Ellison and Lena Skvagerson introduce the experts and their projects. Crochet expert Lee Sartori presents the Gradient Pullover, and knitting expert Rohn Strong presents the Nordkapp Hoodie.

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Lee Sartori, Rohn Strong, Lena Skvagerson and Connie Ellison collaborate on expert instruction for Knit and Crochet Now!

In the Technique Corner, Lena gets us started with the first block of the knitted Verity Block Afghan. A block afghan is just right for a summer project. Each block is small and portable, and you can join all the blocks together when the weather cools down.

Verity Block Afghan

Refine Your Knitting
One of the highlights of this episode of Knit and Crochet Now! is the advice Rohn Strong offers for fixing knitting mistakes. To build on Rohn's advice, I recommend the wonderful video How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern. This video will teach you how to "read" your knitting so you can recognize and repair errant stitches.

How to Read Your Knit Stitches & Master the Pattern

Refine Your Crochet
Are you looking for ways to refine your crochet? Annie's Craft Store offers the wonderful book Everything the Internet Didn't Teach You About Crochet. Tuck it in with your crochet projects for quick reference.

Everything the Internet Didn't Teach You About Crochet

Looking for More Block Afghan Projects & Instruction?
Don't forget to watch the latest episode of the Chic Throw by Marly Bird video series. Marly Bird is the expert designer and instructor for this fun crochetalong. Find it on Annie's Creative Studio.

Chic Throw by Marly Bird

Where Can You View Episode Two of Season 11?

Are you ready to knit, crochet and learn with Annie's experts? Look for Knit and Crochet Now! in these places:

Most PBS stations have Knit and Crochet Now! in their lineups. Check your local PBS station's TV schedule and set that DVR!

Create TV offers Knit and Crochet Now! episodes along with lots of other exciting how-to programming.

The Knit and Crochet Now! website has all of the seasons, and you can find free downloads of all the patterns featured in each episode.

Annie's Creative Studio is Annie's online video streaming source. It offers all previous episodes of Knit and Crochet Now! along with videos and patterns for crocheting, knitting, quilting, sewing and other crafts. The all-new season 11 will start airing the first week of August!

Annie's Creative Studio's extensive library includes garments, totes, stuffed animals and so much more. You can get tips for updating your home or even for cleaning your sewing machine! Check out the free trial membership to explore your favorite crafts and learn about new ones.

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