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Crafting for Our Furry Friends

Here at Knit and Crochet Now! we love our furry friends! Now that we are well into winter and past all the holiday crafting, it is a great time to look at our little buddies and do some crafting for them. Winter can be especially hard on our pets. Not only do they feel the chill, but they feel the cabin fever of being inside all day instead of outside playing. This is when I like my crochet hook to step in to the rescue and whip up something special.

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1. Toys: All pets love toys, but not all toys can survive our pets. When making a toy for any animal, safety is the main concern. No matter if the pet is a snuggly dog or feisty kitten, it will put toys in its mouth. When crafting toys you want to make sure you don't use any plastic eyes or other decorations that can come off while Fido or Frisky is playing with it. I also like to felt all my toys so that no yarn ends can unravel. To be able to felt the toy, you will need to choose an animal-fiber yarn that has not been processed to withstand machine washing. Pure wool and alpaca both felt very nicely after just a quick scrub under hot water. On season 1 of Knit and Crochet Now! we demonstrated a cute felted catnip toy that would be a perfect toy to keep your feline friend busy.

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2. Sweaters: Especially for our short-haired four-footed friends, winter can be very cold, and like us, they like to bundle up. A sweater can be the perfect thing for your walk together around the block. Before you get started, take a minute and think about how your pet acts in the great outdoors. Winter can be very messy with melting snow and mud; therefore, save your hands and use a yarn that you can easily toss in the washing machine. This is also helpful for dogs that have allergies; some types of yarn can be itchy to them just as they are to us. Using acrylic or cotton can save them from being uncomfortable. Also think about your pet's comfort level. Some dogs hate anything going over their heads and others love to snuggle into sweaters. Our two sweaters this season show you both options. Lena's Hound Dog Hoodie is perfect for dogs who love to snuggle and don't mind anything around their face. My Poppy's Plaid Crochet Sweater is great for those dogs who hate things going over their heads. The sweater is placed on the dog's back and then buttoned on the belly and collar.

We would love to see any project that you make for your furry friends. The best part, of course, is getting to snuggle with them while you are crafting this winter, and then getting to watch them enjoy your efforts.