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Love What You Make & Make What You Love

Now that winter is fully upon us, and holiday-stress crafting is over, I find myself looking around and wondering what's next on my crafting wish list? Sometimes, especially after a very stressful holiday season, I don't even want to touch yarn for a bit. Then, like clockwork, I get that itch again. I must knit and crochet! That is when I start to look around for inspiration on what's next. Sometimes it's a special stitch pattern I have really wanted to try. Other times it's a yarn that just starts to call to me from my yarn basket. And yet other times I just want to make something that I know I will love. No matter what it is that has made me want to craft again, I always find myself looking back through old episodes of Knit and Crochet Now! and through what's new at to further get me excited again.

About this time, I usually end up making one of my favorite projects. You know -- the ones that just never get old to you, the ones you can make over and over, and still just love to make. I asked my friend Lena Skvagerson if she had any projects like that, and we both were amazed at how you just fall in love with some projects that you enjoy making. Here are a few our favorites, and I'm hoping some of them will spark your crafting passion, just like they have for us!