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In the Technique Corner: Leaf of Life Scarf

In episode four of season 12 of Knit & Crochet Now!, the Technique Corner topic is the Leaf of Life Scarf. Expert Lena Skvagerson demonstrates how to combine knits, purls, decreases and yarn overs to create the pretty foliage pattern. As a bonus, Lena explains how to use this lacy stitch pattern for other projects. How pretty would this stitch pattern be in a baby blanket?

Leaf of Life Scarf

I stitched the sample of the Leaf of Life Scarf, and I have to say it was a very enjoyable knit. It has enough repetition to make it relaxing and enough variation to keep it interesting. What's extra cool about this scarf is that it is reversible; the pattern is very similar on both sides.

Explore Reversible Stitches

It's always satisfying to find a blanket, shawl or scarf with reversible stitches. When the front is as pretty as the back, you can turn it any way you want. Here are a few offerings from Annie's Craft Store featuring reversible stitches:

Reversible Afghan to Knit
The Reversible Afghan to Knit looks almost identical on front and back. This simple-yet-sophisticated afghan would be easy to add to any decor.

Reversible Afghan to Knit

Learn Reversible Crochet
From Annie's Creative Studio comes the online class Learn Reversible Crochet. With this video, you learn to work reversible stitch patterns and incorporate them into a wrap, a throw and a poncho.

Learn Reversible Crochet

What Am I Working on Right Now?

As always I have a number of projects going on, but right now I'm focusing on a sweet lacy throw for an upcoming Annie's Hook and Needle Kit Club kit. The lace pattern looks fancy, but it's really quite easy to work. The kit is slated to begin shipping next July.

Annie's Caring Crochet Kit Club

Learn More About Pocket Shawls

Do you want to learn more about pocket shawls? Be sure to check out the free trial membership on Annie's Creative Studio. On Annie's Creative Studio, you can access patterns and how-to videos for an extensive variety of projects, stitch patterns and techniques. You can also view all of the other Knit & Crochet Now! episodes and find inspiration for so many other craft projects.

Wishing you lots of fun in your crocheting, knitting and pocket shawl adventures!

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