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Knit and Crochet Now!

Knit and Crochet Now! Season 2 Patterns

Baby TunicBaby TunicSeason 2, Episode 1More Info
Baby TuxedoBaby TuxedoSeason 2, Episode 1More Info
Chunky CowlChunky CowlSeason 2, Episode 2More Info
Knit Mobius CowlKnit Mobius CowlSeason 2, Episode 2More Info
Tunisian WrapTunisian WrapSeason 2, Episode 2More Info
Footstool CoverFootstool CoverSeason 2, Episode 5More Info
Knit Hedgehog PatternKnit Hedgehog PatternSeason 2, Episode 6More Info
Crochet ClutchCrochet ClutchSeason 2, Episode 7More Info
Dot Dash BagDot Dash BagSeason 2, Episode 7More Info
Broomstick Lace BagBroomstick Lace BagSeason 2, Episode 8More Info
Wolf SlippersWolf SlippersSeason 2, Episode 9More Info