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Use Monk's Cloth Fabric and Swedish Weaving Designs to Add Traditional Flair

If you love the crisp lines and geometric designs of Swedish weaving, you can find the Monk's Cloth and patterns you need to create beautiful projects at Annie's. Our crisp, high-quality Monk's Cloth fabric takes your stitches beautifully.

Swedish Weaving Designs and Monk's Cloth Fabric

Monk's Cloth projects are perfect for creating a vintage revival look or adding a traditional embellishment to your home dÚcor. The simple but stunning needlework style was a popular hallmark of 1940s linens and continues to provide a beautiful decoration on garments, table treatments, and other projects. Use our sturdy Monk's Cloth fabric and needlework floss that coordinates with your kitchen colors to stitch a tablecloth with a gorgeous border.

Swedish weaving designs also look lovely on larger projects such as afghans, too. Create an afghan or throw blanket that will add a subtle pop of color to your room using our collection of Monk's Cloth afghan patterns for inspiration. You can create traditional Swedish weaving designs or adjust the patterns for a more modern or art deco inspired look. You might also be interested in our Redwork Embroidery Patterns.