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Create Beaded Earrings with Beading Kits

Earrings can truly make a statement. Whether you wear a set of intricate studs or beautiful dangling earrings, they can really give your outfit a polished look. Imagine getting complimented on your earrings and being able to say, "Thanks! I made them." These earring kits come in a variety of styles so you can make earrings to match all your favorite outfits. Check out our other Beading Kits for more jewelry you can make.

Beading Earring Kits & Supplies

In their small details and unique designs, these earring kits can provide a fun challenge for the experienced jewelry maker. On the other hand, beading kits are a great way to get started as a beginner to beading. Find a pair of beaded earrings you want to make and buy one of our Beading Books to learn more about beading crafts. Plus, you can find all the Beading Supplies you need for future projects at Annie's, too!

If your daughter or sister is getting her ears pierced for the first time, give her a kit to make her own earrings. Even if it takes a while before she can wear that exact pair, she'll be so excited about her new piercing that she'll appreciate the opportunity to focus on all things earrings. Beaded earrings make good gifts in general, too. You can make a pair of earrings to give as a gift, or give an earring kit as a DIY present.