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Embroidery Books Feature Useful Pattern Collections

If you love embroidery, these embroidery books will provide you with enough patterns to keep you busy with your favorite hobby. Along with helpful embroidery patterns, embroidery books include simplified instructions and tips to help you improve your craft.

Embroidery Books & More Resources

These embroidery books make a fun and useful resource for expanding your embroidery skills. You can find embroidery books focused on a specific theme, such as a holiday or season, or around a type of project. For example, afghan embroidery books provide several patterns for embroidering afghans, along with information to help you really master the projects. Use embroidery books to find a range of project options, allowing you to decorate your home or create handmade gifts just as you'd like to. Working from a good embroidery book can be like taking a class on the project from the convenience of your own craft room.

In addition to embroidery books, you might also be interested in embroidery patterns, such as Monk's Cloth patterns or needlework magazines for keeping up with new trends. Plus, Annie's carries the needlework supplies you'll need to finish your embroidery projects.