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Use Sock Yarns to Keep Feet Comfortable

Socks are a classic knitting or crocheting project because making them helps you hone your skills and produce an item you'll always need more of. Using sock yarns to create your knit or crocheted socks means using fibers that are suitable for your feets’ needs. Sock yarns keep your feet warm, while allowing them to breathe. Plus, they're durable enough for the wear you put your socks through.

High-Quality Sock Yarns from Annie's

One of the benefits of making your own socks is that you can experiment with new stitches and lace charts on a relatively small project. When you're busy making those beautiful socks, you'll want a yarn that can really showcase your craftsmanship. These sock yarns from favorite brands, such as Premier Yarns, come in colors and textures that really stand out. Choose a unique color changing yarn for seasonal socks or a classic merino wool style for everyday wear.

In addition to these high-quality sock yarns, you can also find yarn for your sweaters, scarves, and other projects at Annie's. Shop our collection by brand, type, weight, and fiber content to find the yarn you need for all your knitting or crocheting projects.