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Novelty Fabric Panels Create Stand-Out Themes

Give your quilting project a little extra character by using a novelty fabric panel as a focal point or to establish a theme. Annie's carries a variety of novelty fabric panels featuring children's characters, holiday prints, and funny comics. Choose a novelty fabric panel that reflects your personality to create a quilt you'll love to use in your home.

Novelty Fabric Panels and Quilting Patterns

These novelty fabric panels are a wonderful addition to a variety of projects. Use a baby fabric panel featuring a cute character, such as Corduroy Bear, to make a wall hanging for a nursery or children's room. You can use seasonal fabric panels to add a nativity scene or 4th of July fireworks to your quilt. Make a quilt for every holiday, and you can easily add a festive flourish to any room.

Our novelty fabric panels come in a variety of styles. Some panels can be broken into separate blocks to set the tone for an entire quilt. Other panels can be used in one piece. You can use precut fabrics to add a border to your panels or to use smaller panels in piecing patterns.