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Sew Our Stash Quilt Pattern
Sew Our Stash Quilt Pattern
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Turn Scraps to Treasure with Scrap Bed Quilt Patterns

Making a scrap quilt is a wonderful opportunity for creativity. Of course, you can stock up on quilting fabric with a scrap quilt in mind, but you can also make a scrap quilt to remember past projects as your quilting skills develop. Or, celebrate a loved one by making a scrap quilt using fabrics significant to them, such as baby clothes or old t-shirts. With these scrap bed quilt patterns you can get creative with your fabric choices and still produce a beautifully styled quilt.

Scrap Bed Quilt Patterns and Supplies

You know what they say: waste not, want not. There are plenty of ways you can stop wasting your quilting fabric. Use these scrap quilt patterns to use leftover pieces from other projects or cuts of fabric you've trimmed from bigger pieces. Scrap quilt patterns often produce gorgeous quilts that tell the story of your quilting hobby. You'll be surprised how lovely the mixing and matching can look. You might also be interested in our quilting patterns for precuts to cut down on your scrap pile from the start.

Once you've gathered a supply of scrap fabric and have selected a scrap bed quilt pattern, you can also get the needles, thread, and other quilting tools you'll need to complete the project at Annie's!

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