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Craft Beautiful Bookmarks with Hardanger Cross Stitch Patterns

Use Annie's hardanger cross stitch patterns to create beautiful lace and floral bookmarks for your favorite bookworm. These easy-to-follow patterns are useful for learning the hardanger style. Browse our Cross Stitch Books for more resources and patterns.

Hardanger Cross Stitch Patterns

Hardanger cross stitch is a traditional needlework technique that creates a beautiful open weave. It's perfect for creating lace, doilies, and bookmarks. Try our Hardanger Bookmarks in Bloom Pattern to practice your hardanger technique. The bookmarks are practical to have on hand or make a simple gift for a friend or loved one. Once you get the hang of a hardanger bookmark, you can move onto large projects such as tablerunners or mantlepieces. Hardanger cross stitch is a simple way to add some vintage flair to your home décor or create traditional gifts.

Annie's has a wide range of other cross stitch patterns and supplies, too. Browse our Cross Stitch Patterns and cross stitch magazines to find more projects for you to hone your skills. If you're interested in hardanger cross stitch, you'll love Sampler & Antique Needlework Magazine, which features other classic and vintage-inspired projects. Plus, when you choose your patterns from Annie's, you can stock up on the floss, needles, and other supplies you'll need, too!

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