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Use Children's Embroidery Patterns to Add a Personal Touch

These children's embroidery patterns from Annie's show you how to add that special handmade touch to children's quilts and wall hangings. A hand embroidered border or top stitching brings out the best in a project. You can find embroidery patterns for a variety of kids' interests, from cute animals and teddy bears to fast cars.

Children's Embroidery Patterns and Project Ideas

Use your crafting skills to add special details to your kids' rooms using these children's embroidery patterns. Hand-embroidered quilts also make great projects for grandmas or for baby shower gifts! Our children's embroidery patterns are available in a range of styles and skill-levels, so you can find the perfect project for your little one. We have embroidery patterns for girls, boys, or gender neutral rooms. Stitch a colorful embroidery pattern over one of our soft baby quilt fabrics or use a complicated embroidery pattern that truly showcases your skills.

In addition to these children's embroidery patterns, we also have a large selection of quilting patterns, embroidery patterns, and the needlework supplies you will need for all your projects. Choose the right pattern for your project and get your supplies all in one place!