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Quilting Grants & Scholarships

Susan Wildemuth

Want to learn more about quilt history, a new quilt technique, quilt restoration or fabric identification, or pursue a quilt-related research project? Yes, please, but at this moment Daughter needs a set of braces, Son wants to play the tuba and Husband would like a new lawn mower.

Don’t despair. You don’t have to put your dreams on hold because your bank account is in single digits—there are grants and scholarships out there for quilters, like you and me, who want to learn more about this wonderful craft of ours. Here is a list of organizations and descriptions of the grants and scholarships available to get you started.

American Quilt Study Group

The American Quilt Study Group is a nonprofit group that “establishes, sustains and promotes the highest standards for quilt-related studies. We stimulate, nurture and affirm engagement in quilt studies, and provide opportunities for its dissemination.”

The AQSG offers the following grants and/or scholarships for quilt researchers. Guidelines are posted on their Web site,

Lucy Hilty Research Grant: This grant was named for one of the pioneering figures of the AQSG. It is “aimed at funding research that will have a positive impact on information regarding quilt documentation, quiltmaker stories, textile production and the quilting industry.”

Meredith Scholar Award: This award, made possible by the Meredith Corp., is “an occasional grant of substantial funds awarded to selected researchers for outstanding work providing new information in the field of quilts or related textile areas.”

Seminar Scholarships: The AQSG Seminar Scholarship Program was established for individuals interested in the aims of the organization and who wish to attend the organization’s annual seminar and contribute to the history of quiltmaking. Scholarships are based on financial need, intent and purpose.

For more information, contact American Quilt Study Group, P.O. Box 4737, Lincoln, NE 68504, (402) 472-5361 or e-mail

International Machine Quilters Association

The International Machine Quilters Association is a for-profit corporation of longarm- and shortarm- machine quilters whose goals are to “further the professional development of machine quilters and the profession of machine quiting that utilizes a hand-guided machine operated by the use of a track system or via a suspended frame (not a hand-held frame).”

The IMQA sponsors an annual grant for education, research or personal development of a longarm- or shortarm-machine quilter. Potential applicants must be engaged in professional machine quilting and be a current member of IMQA. Funding for the IMQA Educational Grant is provided through donations of small quilts from longarm- or shortarm-machine quilters, which are auctioned at the Machine Quilters Showcase each May. Guidelines are posted on their Web site,

For more information, contact International Machine Quilters Association, P.O. Box 6647, Monona, WI 53716, (608) 222-9505 or e-mail

International Quilting Association

The International Quilting Association is a nonprofit corporation “dedicated to the preservation of the art of quilting, the attainment of public recognition for quilting as an art form, and the advancement of the state of the art through continuing education services of members, public education activities, and professional and artisan development programs.”

The IQA estabilished a grant program to foster and encourage quilt-related projects, which have “lasting significant effects on traditions and history and respect for knowledge about and artistry in quilts and quiltmaking.” Project categories include original research, assistance to museums and other public quilt collections, community projects and committed periods of individual artistic development of a quiltmaker. An applicant must be a member of IQA. Guidelines are posted on their Web site,

For more information, contact International Quilt Association, 7660 Woodway Dr., Suite 550, Houston, TX 77063, (713) 781-6882 or e-mail

Museum of the American Quilter’s Society

The Museum of the American Quilter’s Society is a nonprofit institution established “to educate the local, national and international public about art, history and heritage of quiltmaking, including the diversity of quilts and their makers.”

The MAQS offers two workshop scholarships to “individuals who demonstrate a financial need and an eagerness to explore quiltmaking in order to develop the necessary skills, both technical and aesthetic.” Applications for both scholarships are reviewed twice a year. Guidelines are posted on their Web site,

Shannon-Ross Scholarship Endowment Fund: Established by the generous initial donation of Jonathan Shannon and Jeffrey Ross of Phoenix, Ariz., this scholarship is for the advanced to professional quilter to strengthen his/her abilities in a workshop setting.

Patricia J. Morris Educational Fund: This fund was established in memory of Patricia J. Morris and encourages quiltmakers to develop their skills and talents through study in a workshop setting with the best teachers in the quiltmaking field.

For more information, contact Museum of the American Quilter’s Society, 215 Jefferson St., Paducah, KY 42001, (270) 442-8856 or e-mail

National Quilting Association

The National Quilting Association “promotes the art, craft and legacy of quiltmaking, encouraging high standards through education, preservation and philanthropic endeavors.”

The purpose of the NQA grant program is to “encourage organizations, institutions, chapters and individuals to pursue and further the art of quiltmaking through education, research, craftsmanship and documentation.” Awards are made in the following areas: quiltmaker education, individual historical research, experimental work in the field of quiltmaking, group quilt research projects and outreach to the community through the art of quiltmaking. Applicants do not have to be a member of NQA to be considered for a grant. Guidelines are posted on their Web site,

For more information, contact National Quilting Association, P.O. Box 12190, Columbus, OH 43212, (614) 488-8520 or e-mail

A writer, quiltmaker and member of the Iowa-Illinois Quilt Study Group, Susan Wildemuth lives on an Illinois grain farm with her family and Maxine the dog.