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Customer Reviews for Annie's Rechargeable Light Up Crochet Hooks Set with Case

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April 13, 2022
Cecilia S
This is a brilliant no pun intended concept, but the execution leaves a little bit to be desired.I was surprised that there no set of instructions was provided with the product. Luckily, I found two English-language YouTube videos as well as several Filipino videos - but I don't know Tagalog or any other Filipino languages for very similar products, which explain how to use the plastic wrench to change the hook ends. The hooks and wrench appear to made of somewhat cheap plastic, so you might want to be gentle when changing them. The hooks sizes are marked in millimeters.The charge lasts for a long time - one video claims that it stayed for 7 hours. I don't think my arthritic hands would allow me to crochet for 7 hours! I like the fact that there are two light settings, so if you're crocheting on the patio at twilight, as I've been known to do, the lower setting could come in handy.I think this is a nice product for the price. I don't know how durable the hooks will be, or how long they will last, but you can't beat it for twenty bucks. I took one star off because of the lack of instructions.