Learn to Embroider Part 1: Materials video
Learn to Embroider Part 1: Materials
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Surrounded by fabric and farmland, Linda Augsburg loves playing with patterns and prints, and she dreams of a day when she can finish a sewing project at the same moment that the bobbin empties. Full bio »

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An ancient craft that's back in style! Whether you're a quilter, sewer, crocheter, knitter or someone who simply enjoys beautiful stitchery, embroidery is a skill you can learn and master with a little instruction and practice.

In this Quilt & Sew Tips online video class brought to you by Annie's Creative Studio, needlecraft expert Linda Augsburg gives important information to get you started in embroidery. As you watch this 15-part series, Linda will demonstrate working stitches on fabric and on a crocheted swatch.

In this online video class, you'll learn:
  • Best fabrics, threads and needles to use for embroidery.
  • How to get stitches that are thicker and bold or thinner and delicate.
  • How to separate strands of floss and keep them from twisting around one another.
  • How to choose the right size hoop.
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